monogram multicolore scarves

  1. Does anyone own any multicolore scarves? I am trying to figure out how many types there are. I think there is a bandeau that is very long and a square one that comes in silk or cotton. Are there other versions? I'm wondering whether it's better to get the square kind or the bandeau kind to tie to my speedy! Thanks for your help!
  2. I purchased the small square one - the bandeau was too long to tie on the bag without doing a bow, and I just wanted a loose knot. Depends on how you want to tie it.
  3. They had a bandeau, big scarf and small scarf i believe.
  4. Just the two..I only have the square black Eye Love one.
    But if you're going to tie it on a bag, I really suggest the bandeau..IMO, the square ones a overpowering for a bag, unless you get the smaller one.
  5. Thanks for the info!!! I will probably have to go to the store myself and look at it. I want to get a white multicolore bandeau or scarf to tie to an epi myrtille speedy. I think the color combo will be gorgeous!!! I want to try it with the black too but I think the white will be more appropriate!
  6. I agree with Rebecca..bandeau, twilly or ponytail scarf are perfect if you want to tie it on a bag. Actually I don't mind to have white MC bandeau to cheer my damier up.Please let us know whe you find one..I didn't see it in SD stores
  7. I love my MC black bandeau. You should check them out at the store and see which one fits your needs.

  8. oooh! I want a Black MC bandeau! :heart:
  9. I also have an MC black bandeau, and I have to say it's one of my favorite LV purchases so far. It adds a little color to a monogram or damier bag and looks great in my hair too.
  10. my cousin has the white MC eye love bandeau ... she ties it on her black mc speedy .. and she also uses it as a belt sometimes
  11. :yes: i agree with lvbabydoll. if you a purchasing a scarf to just tie on a speedy then go with the bandeau. i've been eyeing the black mc to wear on my head. i also have the large silk square white mc. i love it. wear so much- but it looks huge tied on a bag. let us know which one you decide on. and pics too.
  12. I have the black MC bandana - it is square cotton. I think it is a perfect size to tie on a bag.
  13. I have a white MC bandeau, and I think it's very versatile. It looks great tied onto my Speedy, on my head, and as a belt.
  14. does anyone know the difference in size between the small and the large scarf? In eluxury, it just says scarf and its 22 x 22.