Monogram multicolore pochette MM

  1. I just ordered the black monogram multicolore pochette MM from Eluxury to use as a wallet. The size is 6.1 X 4 inches. I thought where the outside zipper part is I can put my credit cards and the large zipper part my money. I have been trying to find the perfect wallet and just have been so unhappy with my choices. Does anyone have this? What do you think of this:yes: .

    I bought the large chanel pink cambon zip wallet last year and it really is great but now I think it is too big for me, I used it for months but feel like it is huge to take out of my purse. I have the smaller pink cambon wallet which I have been using but it still isn't working. I also have had some rub off in the corners of the large wallet so the quality is not that great to me for Chanel leather. Sometimes I just feel my purse is too heavy and I want to lighten things up as much as I can. The LV preforated wallet caught my eye when it first came out but I didn't want to spend that much for a wallet.

    I had the Ludrow (spelling) in that pretty lilac color a few years ago but the snap was defective and it wouldn't stay closed so I returned it to Eluxury and
    thought of getting the new lace one coming out but the snap is still a issue to me.

    Just wanted to see if anyone has the multicolore Pochette MM and what you all think of it.:shrugs:
  2. The interior is lined in beige alcantara, wouldn't you mind if that became dirty? I debating on buying this item to use to carry valuables.
  3. I have the GM and I think it's cute and a good size.
  4. Very cute, but I did think the MM was just a tad small.
  5. I am thinking about getting one to use as a wallet too. It looks adorable!
  6. I believe the white MC GM pouch I looked at has red lining...I am thinking of getting it myself!! :smile:
  7. I would carry bills inside and not change so I don't think the inside will get dirty. I think this would work well with my smaller purses and I just want something different than a regular wallet.