Monogram Multicolore Keepall

  1. I just found out that this is now discontinued!!!!!! The black is still available. Which makes me wonder if a wheeled piece is in the future????!!!!!!!
  2. I don't know about a wheeled piece, but it would be amazing!
  3. its really discontinued? man I am SO glad I got mine haha! get the black!! you may regret it! its $2740
  4. Yes sir it is. I got a black one a long time ago, when multicolore was first released. I was inquiring about the white one and that's what I was told. I will just get an azur one now. It's cheaper and bigger.
  5. I've just bought the catalogue from my LV-store in Copenhagen and according to it you can still get the keepall45 i both white and black multicolor. However, I cannot find it either on eluxury or vuitton-dot-com

    Anyway, I would kill for the black one. Matt - I hate you for having it :boxing:
  6. I have it on black and white. its by far my favorite bag.
  7. Yeah not all LV's are on or eluxury, I emailed them and inquired about that when they updated, I got worried that a few things were gone, when in fact they were just behind in updating...

    I am sure there are a lot still available and at a $2700 price tag, I doubt they are flying off the shelves... but I was sold! haha