Monogram Multicolor White

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  1. Does anyone have any experience as to how the white multicolor wears? does it get yellow or stain easily.
  2. I own Alma and pochette in white MC. I've had them both for two and half years and they still look brand new (cowhide trim and handles are darker now though). Mind you, I don't carry them THAT often.
  3. I have a white MC mini hl. It has never been used and the exterior has discolored slightly to a light yellow color around the sides. Ugh!

    The manual says discoloration is a natural occurence. However, if I had known it would discolor even if it is not in use I may have thought twice about buying a bag from the MC line.
  4. i've had the wallet for i think a year or two now and it's as white as the day i bought discoloration at all
  5. Mine is dirty as the former owner didn't really care for it.. AND the paint is flaking off. I don't think I'd buy another piece. :\
  6. I take pretty good care of mine and haven't had any problems with staining or color change :biggrin: I really hope that never happens!
  7. My mom has the white mc alma and used it a lot last year. Only the cowhide parts have become darker, as it should have. The rest of it still looks brand new.
  8. my cellphone strap takes a beating, and hasn't discolored in regards to being stained or anything. the only thing is, that the color comes off.. which is only natural since it's silk-screened onto the canvas.