monogram multicolor white or black?

  1. I would love to get a LV monogram mulitcolor speedy! but i cant seem to decide on which color. just for fun which do you all prefer? :flowers:
  2. white all the way!
  3. white:love:
  4. I :heart: mc white!:tup:
  5. white
  6. MC white though it would need more maintenance compared to the black. :supacool:
  7. i have one in white :smile:
  8. I loooove black MC..
  9. white for speedy style
  10. white!
  11. blaaaaaaaaack!
  12. WHITE ALL THE WAY! I GIVE IT A THREE THUMBS UP :yahoo::tup::tup::tup:
  13. white, the black is too much, over the top logo'd out, sorry, jsut my opinion. the white is really more subtle!
  14. i like both!
    sorry, not much help here :sad:
  15. White!