monogram multicolor priscilla???

  1. Anyone have this?? Is it nice?? Have pics? It's getting down to the wire and my husband asked me today which LV I want for this summer. I had settled on the denim baggy pm but just went onto eluxury and saw this priscilla bag and ommmmgggg it's gorgeous. Thoughts?? Help!
  2. oo the baggy is a good summer bag but the Priscilla has that certain somthing i suppose. Id go with the Priscilla.

    As i see it the Priscilla is beautiful in white, out in the sunshine :yes: on the beach :yes: in the mall :yes: looking summery with whatever you wear. But then again the Baggy will carry you all the way through to Autumn and winter. Its a toughie

    my vote : White Priscilla :yes:
  3. I have mixed feelings about the Priscilla...When I first saw it on Elux I fell in love.. Then I tried the black one on at the boutique and didn't like it at all, even the SA said it didn't suit me. Just had a weird fat shape and looked bulky despite its' petite size.

    But then I saw pics of the white Priscilla on a lovely lady in the "your LV in action" thread and fell in love all over again! Very very beautiful....I think it's just the black colour that I don't like, but white is gorge IMO!

  4. Ok and you don't think it's a little young for me? I am 37.

  5. LOL I was thinking about the Priscilla in white last night too. And turns out we are about the same age. :yahoo:
  6. I prefer the priscilla over the denim pm. I think that it might hold up over time better than the denim will and I think that you will love all the colors in the MC. I have the trouville in white and it is really pretty too, the handles are a bit smaller than the Priscilla.
  7. the priscilla is really cute for summer but i suppose it has more to do with if you want a hand held or a shoulder bag. the baggy pm i think would be more comfy and convenient esp during summer when you want to be hands free. i think the priscilla in white is esp stunning and no, 37 is still super young (i say that because i'm 37 too) *wink* the only thing is that the priscilla has an odd bulky shape that i'm not especially drawn to.
  8. I think both would be just as versatile but I think everyone needs some multicolore in their collection before denim. It is a bag that truly makes you happy just looking at it! Go for multicolore! Can't go wrong no matter which bag you choose!
  9. Lol we have similiar tastes, I want the denim baggy pm and one day *in about 2374892 years* Id like the priscilla! If I had the chance to get the priscilla first id go for that one, especially in white, it is sooo stunning IRL! Have fun at LV :smile:
  10. Anyone have any idea how much it holds? I use a speedy 25 now and it's perfect...I am assuming the priscilla holds the same or more.
  11. It's ok, but I'm in LOVE w/ the Baggy PM! I'll never get tired of mine!!! And it actually looks better w/ patina that MC does!!!
  12. I don't have speedy 25 so I could be wrong. My Priscilla holds all my essentials that my popincourt H holds. I'd say these two have close capacity.

    The only minor thing about Priscilla is its opening is not as wide as popincourt or BH - it has a large internal space, just the opening is not that wide, so sometimes I have to dig into the bag.

    Other than that, this bag is wonderful. It makes me happy by "simply look at it" :smile:

  13. I saw a white Priscilla IRL and it is gorgeous. Gosh, dang it, now you've got to make a tough choice between the two. Hmmm... I can't help you. LOL I would want both!

    Okay --- if I had to choose, I would get white MC first even though I got denim first instead of white MC. I always wanted a white MC first, but when my SA told me that the green and fuschia denim were being phased out, I had to grab them first knowing that the white MC would always be there.

    BTW, I am older than you and I just got my first white MC bag last month --- the Rita. So no --- you can never be too old for MC, IMO.

    Good luck!!!!!!
  14. i love the priscilla in white. its such a cute shape. i think it could hold just as much as your speedy. its is stunning IRL
  15. hehehehe, Ann, you have the same taste as my mommy!

    Neo Speedy in Fuschia, MC Priscilla!!

    I like the Neo Speedy better, but the Priscilla is totally HOT!!