Monogram mizi?

  1. Am I spelling that right? Do they still make it? I couldn't find it on eluxury. Also, does the ribera come in mono? thanks!
  2. the mizi is discontinued, but you can still find it on eBay or let-trade, from time to time. to my knowledge, the ribera only comes in damier.
  3. Hi, as I ever heard, mizi has discontinued since a few months ago ( ? ) & yes, ribera come in mono, thought it's in MM size. ( but may special order only ).

    Anyway, I still love in damier than mono :smile:
  4. Thank you! My step daughter has decided she LOVES the mizi!
  5. Let-Trade ever sold Mono Ribera, may it's in MM
  6. Oh the mono one is soooo pretty! Let-trade has one I think for around 1300.
  7. I think someone actually already bought the one Let-Trade had :yes:
  8. ^^just checked let-trade has one mizi left. there were two yesterday and someone bought one.

  9. You can get the ribera in mono if you special order it:yes:
  10. The mizi is a great bag.
  11. That was me!!! :graucho: I'm so excited to get it, I've been wanting this bag forever!!! I hope it's as in as good of shape as it looked in the pictures!!
  12. Not my favorite, but def. a favorite on the board. Let trade has a really good reputation and if they do still have that one left, that would be a great way to go :smile:

  13. :nuts: congrats on a good find the mizi's are beautiful. i love both of mine to death