Monogram Misaligned and Handles......thoughts?

  1. Hi. I bought this bag very recently at a boutique and hoped to carry this last week but too rainy for the new vachetta.

    Anyway, the condition is perfect overall. But it seems the handles are so slightly misaligned as is the monogram patttern between front and back of bag. I'm not sure if I captured this well in the pictures but tried.

    I don't think my local store had another and I'm unsure if worth it to try to have a new one sent. (Sounds like the monogram misalignment happens frequently)

    IMG_1653.JPG IMG_1655.JPG IMG_1659.JPG
  2. The handles definitely look off! I'd say exchange within the return period. Don't want a bag that looks like a knock off.
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  3. that is a lot off. I took a look of all my bags, they are all aligned.
  4. Are you speaking of the handles? I am pretty picky and I looked it over pretty well in the store and didn't notice it. I guess I was looking at the vachetta leather more.
  5. Yes, the handles.
  6. monogram misalignment wouldn't bother me in this case, but the handles would. I would worry it will make the bag wear wonky.
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  7. Yes I would exchange . That would really bug me . They can always get another bag in for you if there is not one in stock . BTW , how are you enjoying your NF ?
  8. I bought a Speedy with handles like this and returned it the next day. I was worried carrying it would cause some sort of misalignment that might stress the handles or canvas.
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. The store doesn't have one to replace the one that I have so I'll just have to take it there and have them order one for me.
  10. Wait, is this a new one in addition to your new NF?! :biggrin:

    That misalignment of the canvas probably would not bother me - but the uneven handles would! Not only does that bother me visually (versus the canvas), I would be concerned about how they would wear "structurally".
  11. I would definitely exchange/return. I had a speedy in monogram that had misaligned handles but perfectly aligned canvas (and my handles were WAY off) and those handles drove me absolutely crazy - to look at and to try to use. Misaligned canvas, especially visible from the top of the bag, would bother me as well even if the handles were straight.
  12. Maybe ;)

    Thanks I am going in to the boutique today. I didn't even think of the structural issues it may cause.
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  13. Thanks appreciate your reply!
  14. LOL, I had the same "problem" this month. Maybe.

    Glad to hear, and look forward to seeing your reveal(s) when the new one comes in!
  15. Interesting...went to boutique. SA went and asked manager. By the time she came back she had already ordered a replacement to be shipped to the store. She told me to keep the one I have and carry it as they cannot resell it. Nice customer service that way but SA had no personality! She acted like I was putting her out but she did say she saw the misalignment.
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