Monogram Mirroir Or Silver Metallic Chanell Bowler Bag?

  1. I Would Like Your Opinion On Which Metallic/shiny Bag To Buy Lv Monogram Mirroir In Silver Or Metallic Chanel Bowler Bag In Silver? Which Do You Guys Prefer?
  2. If you're posting in the LV forum, you'd most likely get LV as your answer from most people.
  3. Depending on how much you're willing to pay for a bag...
    I personally prefer the miroir, but you can't get them for less than 3 times retail at this point for the speedy. So I'd personally probably buy the chanel depending on its availability.
  4. I am def a Chanel girl, but have heard that the bright silver Chanel Luxe Bowler can peel ( I have the muted bronze one so no worries there)
    Have seen the LV IRL and it is gorgeous........
    get the LV
  5. Miroir for sure!
  6. Miroir vote here.