Monogram Mirroir materials

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  1. Just wondering if the Monogram Mirroir is made of leather or vinyl, because someone said on the Gucci board that the Mirroir is vinyl, but when I looked the mirroir leather shoe on LV's website it says leather... I really like the shininess of the mirroir..

    Oh and btw the Monogram canvas is vinyl (?) with leather trim? Sorry, I'm a bit new to Louis... :confused1:
  2. The Miroir bags are vinyl but the shoes are leather.
  3. The Monogram canvas is vinyl coated cotton with leather trim.
  4. ^^^ Agree with the above statements.

    These questions have been asked a few times in the past, so perhaps try using the search feature above next time. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.