Monogram Miroir Pochette Owner be Aware of Your Strap!!!

  1. I just about hate myself:cursing: Hahaha
    I'm used the strap's as a wrist handler to picked up my friend last Monday.
    It was looks really cute, and i got compliment for doing that:graucho: BUT:crybaby:
    The result is the strap won't forgive me forever:wtf:. And I just recoqnized it yesterday:yucky: My bad:sad:
    So i just hope others whoever has it will be more careful next time :smile:

  2. i cant see! itsa kinda blurry..

    is the inside crinkled? because that has already happened to me..
    and there is a dent in the bag...
  3. oh darling, it happens, i post a thread while back regarding to my gold pap strap have the same thing like yours...if you want to search, the tittle is something like :Attn Miroir owners..... The conclusion was it's gonna happen no matter how you baby it (unless you u don't hold it by strap at all), like vachetta is bound for patina sooner or later....except in Miroir's case, it's not a good sign of ageing....:crybaby:
  4. Thenkiuu, I just scared all by myself. I tought the result won't be that bad:nuts: since it was nothing much happened the day before:crybaby: Hahaha i understand now. Thanks a lotz Classic Chic:heart:. Sorry for the blury and confusion :confused1: bvbirdygirl. Hahaha
  5. Yup mine looks like that's not that bad IRL. You can't even see it since it's on the underside of the strap.

  6. Thenkiuu :yes: , but mine is on the bothside. May be becoz i was bend it on my wrist:confused1: Hahaha Still in :heart: with her anyway, no matter what:roflmfao: LOL

    By the way sorry if i'm Out of Topic here, Karmaannn I adore yooouuu because you can stuffed yours appropriately:love: I still can't manage my stuff really well, should practicing more and more:wlae: Hahaha
  7. trick is to only keep your things in single file!
    By that, I mean only store your things side by side inside the pochette, never on top of each other.
  8. Whoaaa:yes: that make sense. Thank Youu Karmann:idea: u'ree rockzz:yahoo:
  9. No problem! :flowers: