Monogram Miroir line soon on ...

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  1. Really? I really didn't think elux would carry these...
  2. I dont believe that. I think it's too limited
  3. Can we trust that article? Even the listed prices are wrong :shrugs:
  4. I don't believe either.
  5. Eluxury live help said no, they will not be receiving any items.
  6. not true...
  7. :yes: they gave me the same answer
  8. Thanks for the confirmation, Twinkle....:flowers:
  9. Yeah I don't think its true either.

    Thanks for the article suspicion is that it was written b4 LV had so many production problems with the Miroir line...that is why my SA told me it was so limited!
  10. She is probably going off the sheet she posted which indicates elux will get them. It will depend on if they sell out - if not - you will see them on elux.
  11. NP, here is the dialogue.

    you: Hi, I heard that you will be caring the Louis Vuitton Miroir line in a few days...can you tell me if this is true?
    Rachel: I'd be happy to help you with that.
    Rachel: One moment while I look into this for you.
    you: thanks
    Rachel: I apologize, unfortunately it does not look like we will be receiving this collection.
    Rachel: Would you like the contact to the Louis Vuitton Customer Relations?
    you: no, thanks so much for checking for me
  12. ^could you please be more specific???

    LOL :smile:

    Thanks for calling for us:smile:!!!
  13. I didn't call, live chat...just copy and pasted ;)
  14. OT... Did you already pick up your two Miroirs??:confused1: