Monogram Mini

  1. So, LV is discontinuing this line in the fall, I hear.

    I didn't care much for MM in the past, but somehow I recently fell in love with the TST (particularly the khaki and now that dirt magnet butterscotch color). Plus, that little Noelie is adorable!

    What do you guys think about it? I may invest in a Khaki TST Lucille PM and PTI before the summer's out.
  2. I want to get a Josephine TST. I like the mono mini line, go get your bag before it's gone.
  3. I want Josephine too in cherry but I saw so many mini line bags have yellow stain and can not be cleaned. It's not only around zipper area but also in the middle of the bag.
    I guess I will have to see the new mini line in August or Oct
  4. I think this line is going to be one that goes dirt cheap on eBay once it's discontinued. It's not a limited edition thing that people are going to be fighting for and that triples in value once it's gone.

    Or maybe that's wishful thinking. :Push:
  5. There are some nice bags in the monogram mini line but the dirt is a turn off.
  6. I noticed the resale value isn't that high compare to mono..I really like this mini line but it's PITA to keep it clean. I can't wait to see what LV has to offer for new mini
  7. I don't like it at all. :smile:
  8. Yes, it's true. This is why I picked up the kaki "josephine" this past weekend...really cool color.
  9. It used to remind me of that Signature "C" Coach collection - and with the $$$ LV costs, I didn't want anything that reminded me of Coach! :lol: But I keep envisioning myself wearing an olive green fitted tee and a pair of ripped Abercrombie jeans with a Khaki TST. And now I can't get it out of my head.

  10. Well, all that matters is if you like it!! So, If you like it and can afford it then go, go, go for it!!:yes: :yes: :biggrin:
  11. I Love The Mini Mono. It's A Stunning Line.......Again, Everyone Have Their Own Tastes.

    It used to remind me of that Signature "C" Coach collection ......Jazzy ~ It Never Reminded Of That. I Can Totally See What You Mean. Your Description Is Funny......
  12. I love the MM in the josephine but for the high maintenance often associated with fabric bags. Go get it if you think you'll regret it later :smile:
  13. I think the Lucille PM and Majorie are really cute, but wouldn't buy them cuz I'd rather save up a lil more to buy the multicolore bags lol!
  14. i personally feel its not worth the price for a fabric bag which gets dirty so easily and hard to mantain ..
    you always have to be very conscious of what you do with it and where you place it and even when wearing jeans the colour might rub off

    but with the TST its not as hard to maintain since the colour is darker which makes the dirt not so easily noticeable

    if you like it go for it. its true that it has a pretty low resale value so maybe you should try to snap one up on ebay

    i'm personally holding out for the new mini mono line.