***Monogram Mini Sac HL***

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering what thoughts you have on this bag? (persuasive comments would be appreciated most ;))

    I'm after something small to store all my essentials...I love my mono speedy (but it's too big to take to work and besides that, it also won't fit in my locker) Since this is like the baby version (aww) I think it would be ideal for me ...:love:

    If anyone has it, can you either post pics of what it can hold, or detail the most you've ever carried in it please. I've done a few searches around the forum but I'm still hungry for more info/pics :biggrin:

    Post, post, post! Any comments about this bag would be appreciated!! :idea:
  2. You might do a search....someone has a post of what it will hold....sorry, I don't remember who....but it is a cool pic :smile:
  3. its me, and ill repost it here!
  4. here is the bag when its full (barely any bulge!)
    and here are the contents (yes, the water bottle really does fit, if you put it in bottom first...
  5. It is a really cute bag.
  6. bvbirdygirl I remember seeing this picture, it's very impressive!! Gorgeous bag you have yourself too :love:
  7. This bag is so cute. One day when I don't have anything else to buy, I want to get this bag too!
  8. bvbirdygirl- i was hoping you would repost that pic here! it is so lovely! and i STILL can't belive you fit a bottle of water in there!
  10. I love the bag....YOU SHOULD GET IT!!!
  11. It's cute..I wanted one awhile ago but my mom said I should get something more useful..so I ended up buying my Ellipse PM instead.
    I think if you're going to get it, you should do it soon since I believe this style is going to be discontinued.
  12. Oh WOW! Can it rally take that much???? Insane! I love mine, but gave it away. It is a great bag but to be honest it seems a little childish to me, or at least on me it looks that way. Plus I like hugemongous bags.

    But it is very cute and dainty, im sure you wont regret buying it.
  13. I feel the same way. I really like them but it looks very silly on me. Plus I've seen it (the fake ones) on one too many pre-teens by me.