Monogram Mini Lin Speedy--droopy?

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  1. I've just purchased the Mini Lin Speedy but a friend commented on how the bag droops. Bag owners---are you ok or not ok with the bag drooping. I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep the bag or return it.

  2. i have a mini lin speedy too and i put a magazine in it and it works fine.
    no droopiness :drool:
  3. Some like saggy some don't. If you don't then get a purse shaper. There are many on ebay and let-trade just started selling them.

    Saggy is the terminology the Forum uses.

    so im biased here...:supacool:

    so if you care for my biased ness.... KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP IT!
  5. Since I've been so undecided about the mini lin..I decided to return it. I've been obsessing about the neo Cabby for months, so I traded it for that instead.

    Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That's one of the reasons I don't care for the mini-lin. It's much more droopy and saggy than my mono or damier speedies. I think you made the right choice!
  7. what i did was take a sheet of thin cardboard (usually, from the back of a pad of paper or something) and cover it back to back with some sort of thick clear tape. it works great~ and no more drooping :smile:!
  8. I have a mini lin speedy and I just use some cardboard in the bottom to stop the droppiness. Congratz on the speedy! You'll love the Mini Lin line!
  9. Oh.. I just read that you returned the speedy. Nevermind. :shrugs: