Monogram Mini Josephine, alignment of logos

  1. I've been thinking of getting a Monogram Mini Josephine, and just saw one on
    But the alignment of the logos is bugging me... If you view the front and back of the bag, you'll notice that on one side (not sure whether front or back), the logos are not aligned with the side of the bag. And that bugs me.

    I would post pics but didn't think it's nice to do that.

    My question to all owners of Josephine GMs, or those who have seen it IRL, is that normal for the logos to be not aligned that way?
  2. Yes it's normal, can you post the pictures?
  3. As suminasaii has stated, it is normal for Monogram Mini bags to have this type of alignment. ;)
  4. this is the pic of my josephine PM if you want to compare it with the one you saw in KarenKooper ;) (just bought it so I use the seller's picture)
  5. I don't see any alignment problems on this one though. Maybe I don't see it.


  6. i dont notice anything, but if it bothers you now, then it will probably bother you when you get it...
  7. Hmm, wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me hehe. Gonna take another look

    Aha, this is what I meant, VogueStyle, the 2nd pic in your post have the logos not on the same level as the side panel! Notice how the 1st pic's is on the same level? So I find it rather peculiar.
  8. Thanks, suminasaii!
    Hmm, I'm actually fine with it being cut off like that in your pic.
    What bugged me in the pic I mentioned is the different levelling. So was just wondering if it's normal.
    If it is then I'll stop looking for Josephines. But yours seem just fine to me!

    And CONGRATS on getting a Josephine PM! I really like the Josephine style :smile:

  9. yes, that alignment is perfectly normal on the PM (i have the PM)

    That Karen Kooper one pictured above looks like the GM instead