Monogram Mini Francoise vs. Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Marina PM

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  1. I came across a picture of the old Monogram Mini collection and found the Francoise to be very similar to the new Marina PM in the Mini Lin collection. Anybody else find these bags to be similar or is it just me? I tried to attach pictures bu they are bitmap and I got an error?
  2. halunfishie... you cannot attach files in bmp format :smile:
  3. Let me try this again and see if I can attach the pictures. Marina picture courtesy of the Mini Lin Croisette thread.

    The similarities I saw were:
    1 - shape, both rectangular and vertical
    2 - style, both can be hand held or worn on the shoulder
    3 - print, both are monogram mini
    4 - fabric

    Would it be too similar a bag to have both?
    Francoise.JPG Louis Vuitton Monagram Mini Lin Croisette Marina PM Red 2.jpg
  4. They are very similar.
  5. Does look similiar. But I think the lighter red colour fabric goes better with white rather than brown. Just a tot.
  6. Hmmm....they do look similar....I like the new shape better.
  7. yes they look similar!! just of a different shade of pink i think ;)
  8. they are a bit similar...I like the newer one much more though!
  9. I think shoulder style is different. :idea:



  10. they are similar, but personally I prefer the new shape and shade!
  11. i think they are different, love the new one better beacuse of shape and zipper
  12. They are similar in some ways, but I think the croisette looks prettier and i love the croisette!
  13. Yep they do look similar, but I like the shape of the ML Croisette Marina much more.
  14. Is anyone else seeing the red white and blue/stars and stripes with the Red Mini Lin Croisette?
  15. They are quite similar, but the new mini lin, looks more up to date imo! xx