Monogram Mini discontinued?

  1. Does anyone know if this line was discontinued? any reason why?
  2. yes it's been discontinued, but i'm not sure why :shrugs:
  3. Yeah... didn't the Mini Lin Line take it's place? :shrugs:
  4. yes the Mini Lin was supposed to take its place, but it's rather limited :blah:
  5. I didn't even notice they stopped carrying it on eluxury! Thanks!
  6. I love both lines sooo much.
  7. bye bye Mini Mono :crybaby:

    hello Mini Lin! :yahoo: (and the Saumer XL I'm plotting to get :devil: )
  8. Oh... thanks Yeuxhoneyttes!!!
  9. Yep, it is limited, but will slowly increase
  10. i hope that was a deliberate misspelling :lol:
  11. I thought that was your user name. :Push:
  12. ^btw John...I finally noticed your "datecode" very clever!!!
  13. Actually, it was another fellow PF'ers clever idea... I asked her for permission to use it though. :P

    Speaking of Mini Lin... I actually like the Mini Lin Speedy? :wtf:
  14. :roflmfao: ;) ....I like the Saumur better. Yeah, I was a bit dissapointed as of why they discontinued it....looks more durable than Mini Lin:s
  15. The Saumur reminds me of a big diaper? :shrugs: