Monogram Mini Cabas Mary Kate, BH, or Neverfull bag

  1. I'm looking for an everyday bag to carry my stuff around plus my camera. I'll put my camera in some other bag first before putting into the LV.

    I checked out the BH and it is good match for my purpose. Then I browsed eluxury and found the monogram mini Cabas Mary Kate. The thing I like about this bag that it has zipper around it. Yes it can be too much hassle but it's safer to traveling around. But the price is more than BH. =)

    Or should I wait for the Neverfull bag? When is this supposed to come out?

  2. The Neverfull should come out in June so if you can wait just a little longer, than you can check it out and decide which you like best.
  3. The Neverfull doesn't have a zipper tho, just a clasp on the top - but the price point is great!

    Or maybe a cabas piano or mezzo? or a saleya?
  4. I think you should wait for the Neverfull to come out.
  5. Neverfull does have drawstring closure, or decoration only? plz correct me if i am wrong. Perhaps a Saleya?
  6. I think you should go for the BH! That's what I'm buying next!
  7. if you can still wait, guess it would be better to see the neverfull bags IRL before you decide :smile:
  8. I'm going with the BH.
  9. I reckon to wait until the Neverfull comes out before you make the purchase.

    I also recommend the cabas piano, I love this bag and I know that all my stuff is safe inside. Unlike my petit bucket, which I am constantly checking incase something has fallen out.
  10. I like the bh.

  11. did I miss a decade? Wasn't the neverfull done and gone? Are we talking about another type?
  12. :wtf: Neverfull is schedule to launch Monogram in June 2007, later follows Damier and Azur in winter....i certainly hope it's not done and gone....

  13. I was thinking the trianon line...i guess they're not bringing that one back! Any pics of this new neverful?
  14. bordelle - there are pics in the s/s 07 thread in the reference section

    i would go with either the bh or neverfull. great price for everyday use.
  15. i would definitely wait for the neverfull. i love the look of that bag!