Monogram Mini Annette in latest BLACK???

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to purchase a Monogram Mini Annette. The only problem is that I want to know if the luggage piece was made in the last color the Monogram Mini line came in, which was black. This was the last color before the entire line was discontinued. I have attached a picture of the Annette in Blue on Blue, and a pic of a bag in the latest Monogram Mini Black. If it did come in black, I'll wait until someone sells a black one...if not, I have the chance to buy a blue one for a pretty good price locally, here in Hawaii.

    By the's so hard getting details on this item since the line was discontinued...

    Again, thanks for all your help!!!
    louis_vuitton_annette.jpg louis_vuitton_monogram_mini_black.jpg