Monogram MC Aurelia MM

  1. Does anyone have this? Can you post a pic...:girlsigh:
    I would really like to see how it looks on you guys. I havent seen it at the store or anyone carrying one.
  2. hmmm,I am in the same boat, but with the was on my birthday list.....

    until I went on bought my own presents, lol!

    But still would love to see if anyone has one!

    Any Monogram MC Aurelia out there ?
  3. I was sure there was a pic of the white being modeled but I cant locate it.

    HTH these help
  4. here we go
  5. thanks bag its a toss up between this & the large bucket:hysteric:
  6. This bag !!
  7. that's what it's called! i was eyeing that bag yesterday at NM. it's very cute!
  8. Do the owners of this bag know if its as floppy(none structured) like the BH?
  9. I have this bag in white MC-that's me in the pic above:yes: I also have the mono BH. The aurelia is def much more structured and rigid compared to the BH. I love both bags:love: !HTH!!
  10. thank-you for the reply.:smile:
  11. But is it too stiff? Is it heavy when its empty?
  12. I like the bag and was considering it but I really wish the straps were longer..
    I think it has similar structure to the BH.
  13. I was looking at this today at Louis and I was admiring this purse. I love your purse in the MC Black. I'm happy to see the pictures. I want one also lol. But I find I want everything now in MC Black. :angel:

  14. Hhhmm.. it's stiff but just more in a structured way KWIM? I don't find it particularly heavy either even when it is empty.
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