Monogram Mat

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  1. Ok, so my understanding is that the Monogram Mat line has been discontinued, but there are a few stores that might still have styles in stock. I just found out that this line is LEATHER!

    Does anyone have any purses in the Monogram Mat line? I'm most curious about the Stockton, Willwood, and Shelton. I've read that the black is more like a gunmetal grey. What's the blue like? If you have pics, I'd appreciate it if you would share them. Thanks!
  2. [​IMG]STOCKTON Sorry, don't have the bags, but here are some pics from
  3. Eluxury has a few handbags and accessories in stock as well.

    I don't have anything in the mat line but I would say it's comparable to the vernis except more subtle, not as shiny, and no glitter shine. I can't comment on the color of the blue but hopefully the eluxury pics help. =)
  4. I love this line and I hate the fact that its discontinued. I am looking for a monogram mat shelton bag, if anyone sees it!
  5. I don't have any monogram mat purses but I have a wallet in that line. I love it so much! Hope the pics help!
  6. Thanks Cloud! I take it that your wallet is black.
  7. wickedassin...ya it's black but it looks sorta greyish
  8. yes, the black is more of a gunmetal gray
    i have the Shelton in that color
    here are some pictures of it




    You can call 866-VUITTON and ask them to search all their stores across the country and see if any of them still have the bags. They'll ship it to you as soon as they can find it. Good luck! :biggrin:

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  9. i was just at L.V yesterday and they said they weren't disconntinuing it
  10. The 1-866 number told me that it was definitely discontinued. Apparently LV is now concentrating on the Vernis line instead. But if there are pieces out there, you can still get them...
  11. Thanks for the pics of your Shelton! It's very cute! I'm tempted by a Mizi Vienna right now... So I'll see if they have the Shelton to compare. :lol:
  12. Wow! does that leather have the same issues as the vernis? like color rubs and stuff? Because I love it!
  13. wow the shelton looks diesel! i love the mat in black...
  14. I love the Mat :biggrin: The Ala Moana boutique had the black and amber stocktons in a couple of weeks ago. I like that they are leather and are more durable than the vernis yet still have that shine.
  15. no. the leather won't rub off. it's a beautiful color. like a slate color. only thing i don't like is that the material is very stiff.