Monogram Mat / Glace Question

  1. What wallets were released in this line/collection ? :confused1:

    Pics would be EXTREMELY helpful too pls ! :yes:

    Also, what exactly is the difference between Glace / Mat / Vernis ?

    LOL Sorry I wasn't really into Louis Vuitton when this line was released so I dont know anything bat it...

  2. Vernis is a shiny, patent leather.

    Mat and Glace are matte, non-shiny embossed leathers. They're nearly identical but came in different models and colors. I believe the PTI and ludlow were released in mat, while the glace wallets were designed for men:

    (btw the wallets posted are currently available on eBay)
  3. wow !!! thank u soooooo much for the info !!!

    the wallets are TDF !!! they look so classy !!
  4. I love the glace line! So nice!
  5. is it still available ? for mat/glace ???
  6. There's also the Whist wallet in Glace:

  7. Here are my Mat PTI wallet and my Mat Allston bag. I love this line, it's super classy.
    DSCF2272.jpg DSCF2268.jpg
  8. No it has been discontinued.
  9. I would so love those if they had them in framboise or pomme or something!