Monogram Macha Waltz

  1. does anybody happen to remember the retail on this one?.....i've been dying to own one of these for ages, IMO it's the most beautiful LV bag ever made and there's one on ebay right now with a BIN of almost $4,000........i can't afford it but i think some begging could get it for me and i'm wondering if it's worth the price........i'm sooooo in love with this bag and haven't seen real ones that often.....if only i were rich and not a poor starving student :Push:

  2. wow!! This is a great bag!! I wish I had the $$$$ for this. I don't remember what the retail was, but, what an awesome bag!!
  3. i really wish i had the money too........i think i'd be able to get it together but i'd just like to know how much it originally cost before i buy it......also kinda skittish about ebay since i've never bought a bag from there before but i guess there's a first time for everything :Push:
  4. Hot bag...
  5. Major Hot Bag!!!!!!
  6. WOW! I love it. GET IT :worried:
  7. Wow, she's a beauty. :love:
  8. You better get it otherwise I WILL!!!:lol:
  9. oh don't make me want this even more than i already do :sad2: you're all such bad bad bad influences :amuse:.......i just asked my boyfriend about it and he laughed in my face :cry:..........i'm sosososososo in love and i know i'm gonna pine for this bag forever....what to do :Push:
  10. Is it the same bag that Marc Jacob gave Oprah?
    btw, it's gorgeous... JC, get it, get it....
  11. ^^^No, Oprah has Oskar.
  12. oh its gorgeous!
  13. Lovely bag!
  14. Naomi Campell and Sharon Stone both have the larger version of this bag. I love the mix of exotic materials: the ostrich, the lizard, and the stones on the hardware!
  15. get it!!! :love: it's so beautiful! look at the detail areas, they are so perfect! :nuts: