Monogram Macassar Davis tote or "Cabas"

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  1. I am completely in LoVe with the new Macassar Cabas but I am anxious about 2 things :
    - The first one concerns ths strap : there are some photos with a textile strap (the "cheapest" version) ans some others with a nice black leather strap. Does somebody know the strap they will use ?
    -Then, I have a question regarding the lining : I have seen a photo of the Cabas with a red lining. I hope it us true because Monogram+black leather trims+red lining would be so gorgeous...
    Any opinions about this Macassar line ?
    Thanks a lot.

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  2. That also boggles me. But the Mens FW catalog in the stores has the Davis with the cloth strap. Then again my SA told me it may still change to the leather strap. We'll just have to wait and see...
  3. Like what happened to the Damier Graphite Jorn last year, it will come with the cloth shoulder strap, with the leather one sold separately.
  4. i had a look at it at the store in berlin today: the davis comes with the cloth strap as the regular one, but you can buy a leather one in addition.
    the bag looks wonderful: the mono canvas with the black leather and the dark-red/burgundy lining...think it will be my christmal present to myself this year!
  5. That's good news! I was disappointed after reading bagaholicboys blog that it's only come with textile/fabric strap,as LV decided not selling it with the leather strap after the press release.

    I've yet to confirm this with our local LV store though.
  6. The only thing i really dont like about the Davis is they didnt make the handles so they can fold down, it sticks straight up all the time, very annoying when your using the shoulder strap & the manager agreed they messed up on that detail, I would have bought it if they didn't have the straps like that. They said their going to call corporate about it cause they said other customer as well have complained about that.