monogram lv sophie?????

  1. I heard that these will be available in the US in Feb, does anyone know if this is true? I love this bag and really want one but I am not spending $650.00(eBay) on a $425.00 handbag. If anyone has any info please let me know.Thanks:nogood:
  2. That would be nice! I love the Sophie ...
  3. There is a similar version coming...i'ts called Eva.
  4. Oh that is cute do you know when that will be available?
  5. $480 Retail, no confirmation on release date.
  6. Thanks Cyndee I will keep my eye out for the Eva.
  7. likey Eva.....looks like she could be a cross body, yes?
    Thanks for the info
  8. Yes, the Eva can be worn across the body. It looks like a Sophie but with a wider bottom...I wish we could hear about the actual dimensions, soon. Also, Ladybug, I would suggest putting your name on a waitlist! I did so about 2 weeks ago, just in case:yes:
  9. yea, im pining over this one, too.....
  10. SA advised the Eva will be released first quarter of 2008 (so anywhere between now and March). Price for US is $490.
  11. I think the dimensions are 10.1 x 5 x 1.5. I scribbled it down very quick while at LV.
  12. Very pretty. I think it'll look even hotter in Damier.
  13. It's releasing on 2/1/08 :smile: Or at least that's when mine will be in the mail :p
  14. Hi may i ask if this is a limited edition? Only for sale in a few countries like sophie? Thanks !! ;)
  15. ^I think it's more "limited" but will be sold everywhere.