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  1. They have the Messenger and the Squichy in the catalogue on the USA website, and with prices on the French and UK site.

    I was just messing around looking at prices overseas when I noticed this. So if anyone wanted to check out those bags and the prices they are up now.

    I saw the red Squichy at a LV store last week, and the color was amazing, but it did have such a funny shape :sad:
  2. these bags are very intriguing :yes: but i've got to see these in person. i think i like the messenger for myself :shame:
  3. Ooohhh DD did you see th epictures of Andre with his gorgeous messenger in the Celeb thread? :drool:
  4. nope... do you mean Andre Leon Talley or Andre3000???

    i will check that thread out now :nuts:
  5. ALT and the bag is fabulous!!
  6. Mr D I sent you the photo;) I want the squichy in black:love:
  7. im not a fan of Mr Talley... so it kinda tainted my interest on that bag :sad: and for $4000, i think i'd rather get a Tobago Keepall AND an Innsbruck Cabas.
  8. awww, to bad the brat had to ruin it for you..
    but there is always the grey one.
    Innsbruck Cabas is droolworthy as is anything Tobago.
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