Monogram LV-inyl, Cuir Embossé, Multicolore Mink on

  1. Some of the new bags are on the web site now!

    The white Squinchy, IMO, doesn't look as bad as the black one. The black one just reminds me of a garbage bag!! As for the messenger...maybe that in white would look nice.

    Messenger: 2900 Euros
    Squinchy: 1200 Euros
    Polly: 2300 Euros
    Stephen: 2500 Euros
    Bum bag: 5000 Euros

    :sweatdrop: phew! Those prices! The Squinchy is cute though!
    Anyone? :graucho:
  2. very polly..
  3. I didn't think I ilked the messenger in black until I saw the the picture of Andre Leon Talley in the celeb thread. That bag looks awesome, I like the size & the way the material catches the light. Polly & Stephen are gorgeous, but Akk! those prices!!!
  4. Ya I saw it last night.....*GAGA* I WAAANT BUM BAG!!!! *GAGA****DROOL! lol
  5. I love the squishy bag! :heart:

    I think it in white looks great. I've seen it in red too. Anyone's feeling on the Squishy ?
  6. Hi! I am new. I too saw the squichy IRL. I saw it in red. It was amazing in person. I thought about it, went back one hour later, and it was gone. Now I"m on a wait list. We'll see!
    The SA was modelling the different ways it can be carried--as a hobo with both handles tightened, or messenger style with one set tightened and the other tied lossely and hung across the body. It also opens wide and is so roomy. The material feels really unique and squichy (just like the name!?:yes:
  7. How would you wear this? With what sort of outfit?
    I have a Chanel bagand can't decide if I should use it.
    Thanks :smile:
  8. what other colors did the embosse stephen come in? or just the above ivory?
  9. ^^^^ It came in like a grey-ish color too.
  10. wow this thread is from a long time ago! I guess i'm pretty late to Well i can't afford the bag, so I don't know specifically what *I* would wear... but in general, I guess jeans and a simple white top???:confused1: Or if I sell everything including my clothes, I'd be able to afford the bum bag, but then I'll have nothing to wear......:P