Monogram Leonor----I need it!!! :-)

  1. I had previously been thinking about getting a Damier piece until i saw this bag on the celebrity thread!!!

    I do think I had seen it before in passing but this time it caught my eye and I HAVE to have one. :heart:

    Anyone that knows where I can find one please let me know.

    I am so upset that I can't just go into te boutique and buy one anymore. Ebay makes me nervous sometimes.
    Where WAS I when this bag first came out? :blink:

  2. I had my name on the list for one of those when they first came out but changed my mind (too much $$$ for a bag that size, IMO). I hope you can find a deal on eBay! Good luck!:flowers:
  3. LV: how much was it ????? that bag has never caught interest in me either....
  4. That's a nice one! Have you seen the Multicolore white Leonor? Super duper nice also :rolleyes: ! I wanna have one in MC too:love:
  5. Anyone else???? :idea:
  6. the MC version is on for £1380 (approx. $2456) the Mono one is not shown any more but I guess it would be cheaper. £1000 rings a bell (approx $1780) but I could be guessing, sorry.
  7. nice bag, I think it's ok go to Ebay as long as it's trusted seller..
  8. much as you and I love the same bags...I do not think you would love this bag!! Its way too small...gorgeous yes, but I think the size would drive you mad.
  9. You think?

    I can't get over how beautiful it looks on Carmen Electra though!! :heart:

    Its supposed to be 13 inches wide. Not too bad. but it is small. I love it though. Its a shame I can't go to the boutique to try it on :sad:
  10. She looks good carrying everything. This bag caught my eye in Chicago...There are sooooo many new bags coming out for fall and Im going to wait for them!!! You should enjoy some of the 10 (lol) that you have not carried yet and wait!! Its so expensive....(remember our chat about spy bags$$$$) lol...but if you do get it....I want to borrow it. :smile:

  11. You make me laugh. . .You're so right. It IS like buying a spy bag as far as the $$$ is concerned.

    So did you have a chance to try it on in Chicago? What was the size like? What kind/size of bag would you compare it to.

    I don't know why I love this bag so much but I do. Its the same way I felt about the Manhattan and Mizi :heart: :heart:
  12. I only admired it from across the case as it really is too small for an everyday bag for me. I would like to have it in the white MC for an evening bag...(casual evening night out) but for the price...its not happening!
  13. No ebay auctions. i'm interested if anyone knows of resale, consignments shops or anywhere else other than ebay

  14. ^^^Someone bought it. I was really comtemplating bidding on it. But didnt want to get into a bidding war.

    The seller ended the auction early too :cry: