Monogram Koala Agenda

  1. How many colors are there in total? I heard there are rose, mandarin, blue and black... Any more colors? :P

    Also, is this suppose to be a permanent item in LV or limited edition? If it's limited, how long will it be available for?

    I know the size is 4" x 6". The size is indeed very convenient to be carried around in our bags... but will it be too small to be a practical agenda? Please do share your opinions..! ;)
  2. depending on your needs, it can be too small, or it can be just right. i don't use mine as an agenda. i carry my store loyalty cards and all my gift certificates inside, and use the lined paper to keep notes, lists, important things with me. i have a separate agenda (just from office max, not lv) that I use that's really the perfect size for me. I have a lot going on (i'm a full-time mom, full-time wife, full-time student AND full-time employee) so my time is VERY limited, and I do more than a day that some do in a week! So I need a lot of space and large lines and I don't get that in my agenda, although my calendar pages are unlined.

  3. I love my small Koala as a wallet - fits perfectly in my bag, holds all my cards and cash, and I love having a place to write little notes. But for work, I have a larger Franklin Covey agenda - the little Koala is not big enough to be practical for everything I need to write down. One of the larger LV agendas might be perfect though!
  4. Thanks for your input..! Oh, I wish they have this in the medium size too, that will be just the right size..!
  5. i know!!! it would be perfect if they make a medium koala agenda. i think the koala agenda is just so adorable. but yeah it might be too small, especially when LV makes the refill so much smaller than the agenda itself. :rant:

    do you know what gucci makes a beautiful guccissima leather agenda too? it's worth looking into. ;) the size of the gucci refill is bigger than that in the same size LV agenda.
  6. I just bought my Koala agenda! I am a full time mom and a full time teacher! Its perfect for me. I can write down all my appoinments and lists as well as reminders that I need for school! All the colors are problem is deciding on the perfect color as you all may know lol
  7. Really? Hmm, I might need to check that out too... :yes: Thanks.
  8. So what color have you bought? I wonder if they will have more colors coming out soon... :P

    I'm drawn to rose, it's just so sweet... :love:
  9. Bump... :P
  10. I have it in rose and I love it. Brown and pink co-ordinate so well. I just started using it as my wallet.
  11. Anyone know whether it's a limited edition or permanent item?
  12. did this Monogram koala agenda... EVER come w/ the inside being BROWN???

  13. it is limited...the last time i talked to my SA, she was getting the mandarin because she missed out on the rose and they weren't being made anymore.

    no, i don't believe it came in brown. the agenda PM is brown.
  14. I love the rose color :love:
  15. The LV boutique here still have the rose agenda. :P