Monogram Koala Agenda Owners Please Read

  1. Firstly, here are some pics of my new little pink koala and matching nails pen :love:

    So, whenever I get something new, I tend to inspect it before I use it :shame: It is in perfect condition, but I notice that the stitch of pink thread on the corners of the inside pockets looks like it could just tear. I circled a closeup on one of my pics. When laying flat, it looks fine. Could you girls please check out your agendas and tell me if your stitches look like that? I know it sounds so trivial, but I am a bit neurotic! I know you all just want to tell me to relax and enjoy, which I will...after I hear from you guys ;)

    Thanks very much :heart:
    koalafront.JPG koalainside.JPG koalacorner.JPG koalastitch.JPG
  2. Hi i just checked mine. and nope it looks perfect..... if you dont like how it looks go exchange it... but in your pics it looks fine.. Glad i can help. PLS dont worry, enjoy it... Its a beautiful agenda..
  3. Congrats on your new agenda! I just got the same one but I haven't used it yet. I agree with Booga1003...if you're not happy, exchange it. My first exchange was the hardest to do but I've learned that you have to be happy with what you buy...:yes:
  4. I just looked and stitches on mine are much tighter; as the others said, I would exchange it if you're not happy.

    I love the matching pen! I wish I had gotten the mandarin pen to match mine.
  5. beautiful agenda. I say exchange it so you dont worry or have future problems.
  6. Yours appears to be stitched slightly looser.... I don't think it will tear.