Monogram Keepall Vs. Carryall

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  1. Hi, im relatively new to this forum, but i do love my LV! (Though i do have a relatively small collection!)

    I currently own the keepall 45 with shoulder strap and use it as hand luggage when holidaying etc, however im finding the slightly slouchy shape when its not entirely full a bit hard to pack. So i was considering selling up and putting the cash towards a carryall, as i think i would find a more structured bag more useful.

    Has anyone any opinions on this, and would the carryall be ok as hand luggage? I cant realy get to an LV store easily you see, so would have to purchase off the website. Many thanks in advance!!
  2. Carryall will be ok as a hand luggage, but since the botton of the bag is solid structure, it'll be a bit heavier than the Keepall.
  3. hi! i totally agree. the keepall only looks good if its stuff with pashmina's!! :smile:

    i find the slouchy bottom difficult to deal with. so i got the carryal- and i LVOE IT! and i got the strap from the keepall to use too! AND its openning is much nicer. imo.
  4. Many thanks, i think i may make the switch!!
  5. I have a Carryall and I love it! It's a perfect weekend/gym bag.
  6. Has anyone ever carried a Carryall as an everyday handbag? Size-wise, is it too luggage-like? I think it would look great with the attachable shoulder strap.
  7. How much does the Carryall actually fits? Can it be used for a weekend trip (2-3 days)? I'm really starting to like this!
  8. I agree. The more I look at the Carryall, the more I like it!! :tup:
  9. i suggest getting a sirius
  10. I LOVE carryalls and personally have 4 and I use them as my purses during the summer on vacations (they are ouvea and tobago ones so I can only really use them in the summer) so I say go for the carryall. I have a few keepalls and use them for clothes only but for hand luggage where you may be carrying things for traveling like documents, small laptop etc. it's perfect! I say go for it, but my only warning is they can get fairly heavy (even the mono one) because they fill up fast haha.
  11. I love the Carryall, but I think a Keepall with strap fits more...
    And it's easier to carry around...
  12. I love bags that are able to keep its shape..
    And strongly dislike, wobbly bags.
    I would go with the carryall.
  13. I absolutely love the carryall!
  14. Love the carryall but think Keepall with strap is more practical.