monogram - is it worth it?

  1. I used to reallly want a monogram speedy 40 but is it worth it? I'm from NYC where if you go uptown to the posh section everyone carries a monogram, but even if you go downtown you'll still see people carrying the monogram. Theres these super fakes now that look scaringly real.

    Unless you're dressed in designer from top to bottom, even if you carry a real LV people will still think its fake. I'm only 17-18 so carrying a monogram... will that too be too much? Is it worth me buying the monogram? or should I try a different style?
  2. Sounds like you're not sure of monogram style. Maybe you would like something different, damier or azur, or denim instead. Regardless, they are ALL copied and faked, but as long as yours is AUTHENTIC, dont worry about what others think, & carry it with pride. I have a speedy 40 BTW, and I love it, not many people use this size.
  3. With all due respect, I disagree with this. Not everyone will think your real LV is fake no matter how you dress. Personally, I've carried all my LVs with anything from my nice work clothes to t-shirts, j. crew shorts and sequined flipflops I got for $2 at the beach ;).

    As long as you know YOURS is real, doesn't matter what others think, IMO.

    Speedy 40 is a super cool choice!!! Enjoy!!
  4. As long as you know your bag is real, you shouldn't care what anyone else thinks. should get a bag that YOU really like and not worry about the rest of it.
  5. Don't worry about what others think. Yours is real and you know it...that's all that matters. I left LV for awhile because of this same concern and now I'm back. I love LV and don't care what others think. They make so many styles to choose from...find what you like and go for it!
  6. well... the question should be: are YOU worth it? L'Oreal and I say YES!:p

    As for the outfit, well... I think it really doesn't matter. People who know you will know it's real, and those on the streets will always think it's fake. I've dressed LV together with cheap and expensive clothing and I really think it's the way you "hold" yourself or behave that will convince people that your bag's authentic.
    Oh I may wanna add that I look like a 15 year old IRL... so passersby always give me unpleasant looks probably thinking everything about me is fake, but it's like... blah poo-poo to you, then I get on my horse and ride away! lol :hs:
  7. if you like it you should buy it. who cares what others are carrying or know if your bag is real. its about if you will get enjoyment out of having it.
  8. ITA!
  9. Why don't you rather try to explore some of the other LV styles, there are more easy to care for lines and other editions that aren't that common if it really bothers you. How about the Dentelle speedy? Or maybe an epi?
  10. go for what you want and don't think of what others may think. you're the one who's carrying the REAL LV right!
  11. your better option is multicolore priscilla or trouville, i think it suits your age more appropriately. anyways if you really want monogram just buy the beverly, go for the new/latest released bags not the classic ones, thats IMO only.

    anyways happy shopping!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  12. I'm in the market for a mono speedy that is used, because I love patina and intend to make it my "go to" bag,for casual and dress. I think if you enjoy your bag and the knowledge that it's real, it really doesn't matter if people think it's fake. Honestly, one of the reasons many purchase is for the longevity of the bag. Wearing an old comfy pair of jeans and your favorite handbag is going to happen- that's life! Enjoy your bag shopping :smile:
  13. I know many people are not fond of monograms for fear of looking tacky or like a walking billboard.

    I mostly try to avoid LV monograms too, because there are too many monogram fakes around these days.

    I love Damier canvas, because there are not so many fakes and it's not too in your face.

    Also, Epi leather is good.
  14. The people who do think your bag is fake are people who are not real LV lovers. Personally, I don't care if people think my bag is a fake...obviously they don't know much about LV. As long as you love the bag, you should go for it!
  15. the great thing about mono or any series of Louis Vuitton is that you can wear what you want dress up or down and still be fab... it is Louis Vuitton sweetie!!!