Monogram information and a question

  1. On the coach site you can now choose a bag and preview what your monogram looks like at
    I've never had anything monogramed before what order do you put your letters, first, middle, last, or first, last, middle?
    Thanks! :supacool:
  2. Thanks for the info. I bought a large beauty case last week and I am trying to decide if I am going to monogram it.
  3. oww I didnt no you could do that! I just had fun playing around with it. I wish you could chose fonts though :sad:
  4. first, middle, then last because the letters are all the same. if the middle was a bigger letter then you would do first, last, middle. i like the monogramming because i could put RT but im not sure if ill ever buy something to monogram, maybe the camera case or something.
  5. I'm going to get my monogrammed makeup case from FedEx this evening or tomorrow, I'll post pictures when it arrives.
  6. I would go first, middle, last, or just first and last if you can do it- but its your bag so whichever way you like it you should get it that way!
  7. The Coach store in St Louis told me that you can't buy something, take it home, and then get it monogrammed later. They claimed that you had to order monogramming at the time you bought the item, and then the monogrammed item would be sent back to you (at home or at the store, they weren't quite sure) when it was done.

    Has anyone here had anything monogrammed yet so you can tell us what to expect?

    PS: my initials are MEH so I'm not sure I even want to see that on a bag! :P
  8. I think the bags look best with the three initials (first middle last)
  9. I got mine, and it's a bit sloppy, i'm contemplating taking it to the store and requesting a replacement. I haven't decided if it's me being overly picky (will they all look this way?) or if it's really sub-standard quality. I'll take pics and post 'em tomorrow.
  10. i saw the monogram at the store, and it didnt look that great imo, like they did contrast the brown to the stripe, but i dont know..i was thinking maybe getting osmething with RT, but im going to back out of that.
  11. I also saw it in the store and thought it looked terrible...that's why I've been telling folks not to get it unless they SEE it first...
  12. exactly!! i dont think its worth it, its not really monogramming, when i think of that i think of stitched on letters, here its just heat transfered with a square around it. i think thats what ruined it even more, the block.
  13. I ordered my crimson tote monogram with my initials the other night on the Coach site, so I really hope I like it. I thought it was cute when I saw it on the site.
  14. Hi kezza- do you think you could maybe post a picture for us of what it looks like if you haven't already taken it back? Sometimes things are different from the real thing to the websites pictures....Thanks:flowers:
  15. I took a few pictures with my phone camera, I can upload those today. They aren't the greatest. I ended up not taking it back because after a few hours and a glass of wine I decided I'd rather just keep the case than risk having another one be worse and go through the whole thing again. I'm too fond of instant gratification to go through a 2 week process over and over. It's a great case, and the monogramming is fine (but not perfect).

    ETA: Here's the best one of the pictures I took. You can see some shiny scratching on the upper left hand corner of the monogram -- it came like that, and was the most annoying thing wrong with it. No amount of buffing or rubbing diminishes it. My only hope is that it'll get more uniformly scratched with time. The other problem, which doesn't show up in the pictures, is that the bottom left leg of the W, the cream-colored part is wrinkled and not set down. I'm worried something will catch it and pull the whole cream piece off. Another thing that bugs me, but might not be an error, (and also doesn't show up in the pic) is that the cream is not perfectly aligned with the brown, and there are spaces where the fabric underneath shows between them. I'll try to take a macro shot with my good camera tonight, maybe i can better document the problems with the monogram.