Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory from Elux

  1. Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory for $220 on elux right now. I know some of you collect it so I wanted to post it for you guys! Kinda pricey, but oh so cute!
  2. I love that one so much. But when my phone only cost me $75 it's kinda hard to justify it. Maybe I'll ask all my friends for Saks giftcards for my bday.
  3. It is really cute, but I would feel like a total chump paying $220 for such a thing. That $220 could go toward a new bag. Also, it would probably get really beat up in my purse.
  4. i like it, But would get the mc one.
  5. I worry that it would get beat up too much in my purse. I am holding out for some of the ceramic hair cubes.
  6. I have them and I think they are pretty annoying. They tend to get tangled up with my keys when I toss them into the small pouch on my backpack. But they are too cute, so I think it's worth it!
  7. So cute! I think I might need some! I wish I had a birthday every month. :evil:
  8. I love it..I got it from my mom for Valentine's Day!