monogram in circle or heart?

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  1. My DH may be buying me a monogram pendant for Valentines Day. Our local jeweler has been doing the 3 letters cut out in a circle (not on a disc) surrounded by a circle border of pave diamonds. I just found out that he will start to do them in a heart shape bordered by pave diamonds as well. Which do you think is prettier - circle or heart? He makes in 2 sizes but I know I want the smaller which may be a tad bigger than 1/2 dollar. The large size is way bigger than what I want. TIA!
  2. It's hard to know based on just the description...can you find a photo of something similar? I'm kinda girly, so I would usually pick a heart over a circle.
  3. I'm not usually a heart girl, but in this case, judging by the description I think the heart would be more intricate and detailed. the circle might seem a tad generic compared to the heart?
  4. Thanks guys! I wish I had a picture. The jeweler is mailing out postcards to those on his mailing list of his new heart design. I saw someone wearing the smaller circle and it is beautiful. But the heart is newer and it is kind of special if it is for Valentines Day. BTW, I'm doing this instead of a new LV. I don't want anyone to think my DH is buying me both! LOL! However I bought the artsy for myself which will be here Wednesday!
  5. Unless you're a 'heart' girl - I'd go with the circle.
  6. bump!
  7. Im generally not a "heart" kinda girl. But I think im gonna say heart, sounds a little different and its a V day present so Im thinking heart would be more special.
  8. i'd prefer the circle i think, but it's hard to say without a pic.