Monogram Idylle Speedy 30 vs Miu Miu Vitello Bow??? Which one shld I buy??

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  1. Anybody can help me to decide on whether to get the LV Monogram Idylle Speedy 30 or Miu Miu regular Vitello Bow bag???

    I'm torn btw these 2. Initially I was aiming for the bow bag since it's all leather and has wonderful colours. But recently I saw someone carrying the Idylee cross sling. It looked so casual yet classy.

    I like leather bags but canvas bags seem to be of less maintainance etc.
    Can anybody help me??
  2. Idylle Speedy!
  3. Miu Miu Bow:smile:
  4. Could
  5. Can explain why please? :smile: appreciate lots!
  6. Is the Miu Miu bow bag made with lambskin or calf? If it is made with lambskin, I will def choose Idylle speedy which is more durable and care free.
  7. Currently the new season bows are in calfskin :smile:
    Sigh, actually I think that a bow is harder to maintain due to rain & scratches.

    I agree the speedy is easier to care & cheaper actually. Tho I'm not sure why is Idylle series more expensive than e rest of speedys. Can shed any light in that?
  8. I will choose the speedy since i owned one :P

    To me, i love leather bags too but find it pretty hard to take care so i shifted attention back to my all time favourite LV.

    So far i realised that the colour on Miu Miu leather bags like bow will fade(except the black colour)....i saw a few in my country which faded really badly. I do not wish to see my bags like this as the yrs goes heart will ache.

    I will rather buy Prada over Miu Miu if was to get a full leather bags. Prada has better leather quality.

    The new Idylle speedy is more ex due to the additional 3 straps plus the hardware is much more nicer than normal speedies. That's my opinion so far. HTHs
  9. I'd go for the Speedy, even though I prefer the Bow bag design.
    Recently I was looking at the Miu Miu bow satchel and from what I read in the Miu Miu forum (they have a large thread on the Bow) it has serious quality issues, after reading about the possible issues and how hard it was to have them corrected I was put off.
  10. I would choose Idylle Speedy. This bag has been on my wish list. However, it is not canvas. It is fabric with teflon coating.
  11. Thanks gals for giving such great advice. Guess it all boils down to me deciding :smile:

    Im still so inclined to leather. Yeah, Prada might be of better quality than MM sadly.