Monogram Idylle Speedy 30-To Buy Or Not To Buy-HELP

  1. Dear Purse Lovers:

    I am considering a Monogram Idylle Speedy 30 in Fusain. I would never have given it a thought until I saw someone carrying it at the mall. It looked adorable.

    I have been carrying a Monogram Neverfull MM for almost a year. I never bought an open bag before, but I have learned to enjoy it. I have carried coated canvas in various LV bags for about 5 years. Always shoulder bags.

    If you have any style in Monogram Idylle, especially in Fusain, do you feel it is an everyday fabric? How does it wear? I live in a climate with about a 5 month winter. Also, Speedy people, do you enjoy carrying a Speedy for everyday use?

    I truly appreciate your help.
  2. As much as I hate all things monogram and speedys, I actually like the Idylle Speedy :smile:
  3. Get it! I like how it's LV without being as common as some of the other Speedies.
  4. I am also contemplating this purchase and was actually about to get it yesterday if only they weren't out of stock. I don't think Idylle owners can give a fair input on its wear as the Idylle has only been out recently. I spoke to an SA about it and she said that the Idylle is sturdier than the mini lin and she was confident that 10 years down the line, the Idylle would still hold up. It's also Teflon-coated so it's more resistant to dirt and stains. I still would get it though despite these concerns as it's too pretty to resist :smile:
  5. if you love it get :smile:
  6. I can't attest to long-term durability as I've only had her for about a week, but seriously, she's a gorgeous bag! Love, love, love her and was totally thrilled that my awesome store manager found her for me and made sure I had her in time for fall. If you think you love her, I say go for it.
  7. I think it's a nice piece of LV to own if you like it. There's a strap too so you can carry on the shoulder or cross body and I think it will look nice given the softer fabric material.
  8. I was at my local LV boutique yesterday to get my Totally....when my sa showed me the speedy, i actually having second thoughts. I wish to bring that back home's really nice IRL and really cute. Plus now you can shoulder carry the speedy, is a plus point.

    My next target will b that speedy. So i say go for it!! :graucho:

    Oh yes, i touched the fabric and i can say it is much better than mini lin. My SA said it is made in polyester cotton so is more durable.
  9. Go for it if you can find one. It is a really nice Speedy with the strap!
  10. go for it !
  11. Buy! The Idylle Speedy in Fusain is so nice! It's on my list to buy.
  12. The Idylle speedy is really pretty. It's a good choice.
  13. i bought it in Encre (blue) last weekend and my SA pretty much said the same thing. so if it's the fabrication that is worrying you than put your fears to rest ... it's a great bag.
  14. I love the Idylle Speedy -- get it!!
  15. I saw this bag months ago in fusain and fell in love, but held back on the purchase because I feared that the bag may get ruined due to fabric issues associated with the mini lin.

    NOW I regret that decision and am desperately seeking this bag, but to my dismay there are no more of this particular bag in LONDON!! Grrr... Why Oh Why Did I Let This Bag Go?

    Bags will last if they are taken care of and used correctly. For instance people who stuff their speedys and then wonder why they wear, are silly, because a speedy for me is a bag that you need to carry light, and if you want to have a bag that you can stuff go for a neverfull.

    Also I love the idea of a strap on this one so go for it!!!