Monogram Gucci canvas easy to coorindate?

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  1. I'm not really great at coorindating outfits so I am wondering if you can tell me if bags with the Gucci monogram canvas are difficult to coorindate with outfits? Do these bags become a fashions staple or do they just work with fairly neutral clothes?

    Is the canvas difficult to keep clean?

    And does anyone else think it looks like Guess's monogram?????
  2. i LOVE the Gucci canvas bags and so far i haven't had any problems with keeping it clean. its so stylish and well known that i think it can go with any outfit. ;) when i used to carry Guess purses, i would always try to match my light colored clothes with a white purse and vice versa...but to me, Gucci isn't a fashion bag. It is a designer bag and like LV and Chanel, you can wear anything you want and still look HOT!
  3. I never coordinate with my bags. I just wear what I feel like or what's best for what I'm doing that day. Gucci goes with everything especially monogram canvas!!
  4. Thank you for your encouragement. The only thing now putting me off is the whole Guess thing. In Australia Guess seems pretty big. We don't have a lot of upper end designers. I don't want people thinking I am wearing Guess! Yep, I know what you are thinking - brand snob!!!:shrugs:
  5. Gucci is a neutral, like the LV damier and mono. It looks good with all
  6. Very easy. Especially with jeans.. Love the gg monogram.
  7. For me the GG goes with everything, brown, light brown,green, red, navy, black... it is a classy
  8. I dunno if anyone else has problems with monogram canvas but my Carly started getting rub off from my jeans... so now I'm scared to use my britt near my jeans... I recently got a Joy shoulder bag... I don't think it should get rub off and if it does it should be easy to clean.