monogram groom!

  1. hi LV gals! its my first time posting here...:yahoo: so just wanted to say HI to everyone!!

    i wanted to ask your opinion on the new monogram groom...i think its so cute!!! but that is probably a seasonal thing like the cherries and all right? i am thinking about getting the round coin wallet...which I feel like would work fine even if the groom becomes discontinued...but let me know what you LV experts think!!!

  2. Hi..congrats on your 1st posting in LV..

    Groom line is cute, yes it's limited edition piece. If you want it you should get it ASAP otherwise you will miss out..
  3. here's complete collections..:


  4. I just got last week the groom ronde, the one you mentioned. I thought I would put it away and keep it in its box, but hung it on my Noe and can NOT take it off... I adore the ronde and think you will too. My coworker told me it reminded her of "Curious George",,, I thought that was cute...

    I love the ronde's, but like them better with pictures on them, like the groom or panda... be careful though, they tend to rub off...
  5. Welcome to the forum....I just received my groom ronde, and I love it.
  6. Definitely get it!:yes: I regret not getting anything from the Cerises line :crybaby:
  7. Go for it! I got my first piece from it (just the bandeu) and I adore it!
  8. Hi! Welcome! :flowers: Definitely go for it! You may end up regretting it if you don't.:yes:
  9. They're cute! Get it if you can!
  10. hey guys! thanks for your help. i think i am gonna go for it. its really cute! altho i like the red combination too...but its only on those big wallets...
  11. Definitely GRAB it while you still can - I regret not getting the seasonal limited items, and now I'm having a tough time finding what I want on while you still can...the rond is a great choice to have a little piece of the Groom line.
  12. You cant miss it!!!
    I'm sure you will fall in love with GROOM whatever it is!
  13. When I first saw the groom threads I was like what is the big deal...I was neutral...then I need a wallet for all my mono stuff but, wanted colour and the fact that it was LE lured me in as the pouchette wallet (red) and it was favorite Lv piece and such a suprise because I figured it would be just is GORGEOUS and I LOVE IT! Wish I had more groom but, it is not in the budget!!! The cles, the ronde the agenda..they are all sooo nice...