Monogram Groom

  1. Hi guys!

    Our store received all the pieces, if you're interested please stop by or call us at 949-644-2244

    Best regards,
  2. I thought the launch was the 25th???
  3. Dickies80, what colors do they have in blue? I can't wait to get my hands on them. :drool: Too bad I live in NY.:sad:
  4. thanks!!

    can you pls confirm on the price..and what about bandeau and scarf??

    as far as I can remember
    agenda pm$ 340
    monie rond $280
    cles $230

  5. Thank You!
  6. Thanks Laurence!

    in which color comes the cles and pte monnaie rond? Have you heard of the bandana?
  7. Hi guys,
    Yeah the agenda's are the only items that come in 3 colors, blue, yellow, and red.

    Agenda Pm
    R20020 - Blue $300.00
    R20019 - Yellow $300.00
    R20018 - Red $300.00

    M60035 Zippy Organizer - Green $695.00

    M60033 Poch. Clefs - Yellow $200.00

    M60037 Pte Monnaie Rond - Orange $245.00

    M60034 Poch. Pte MCC Nm - Red $570.00

    M85048 Pte Cles VVN Groom - Blue $150.00
    M85047 Pte Cles VVN Groom - Red $150.00

    As far as as the bandeau and scarf, I am not sure yet - and yeah unfortunately isn't a part of our assortment at this store :sad:

    Hope everyone is having a great evening!

    - Laurence
    - Eli
    - Jennifer
  8. Thanks for the info! I can't wait till we get the groom here!!
  9. Thanks for the info Dickies80!
  10. Wow!...we got our own LV Rep. to personally inform us on updates!:nuts:
    Thank you, Laurence!'re a sweetie.:flowers:
  11. ^ I know, this is so cool right!
  12. Aw you guys! You're all too sweet!

    Yeah give Eli, Jenn or I a call! Or visit us!

    Yes - launch date is Sept. 25th!

    Also anyone in the OC area... LV-SCP is looking for seasonal help! 18 spots to fill!

    - L
  13. I know I am on the list for a red bandeau. So I am assuming they come in red! LOL

    I am glad you reminded me of this tho because I am moving next Friday and they were supposed to ship the items to me! AGH! I never would have received them!! I had them ship them to the store instead! WHEW! Tragedy adverted thanks to Laurence! LOL
  14. Thanks for the info L!!!

    ...and for anyone in the Houston area... The Galleria will be hiring for seasonal help for November!!! I'm going to apply on Wednesday!!! :yahoo:

    I would love to get the Groom Bandeau... I just wish I had use for it... :crybaby:
  15. That is a gorgeous mall- I would so be in trouble if I lived closer....