Monogram groom coin purse as a charm

  1. I saw this in Saks today and couldn't resist picking it up. What do you think about it on my Gucci London top handle? The way it hangs right now is crowding the Gucci logo, but when it flips to the side that's less of a problem. The other side of the bag is completely empty, which is a good side for it to sit on too.
  2. omg...i LOVE your Gucci Britt tote!! I want that in brown!! to be honest...I'd probably pair the groom with a brown bag or a mono bag...but that's just me!
  3. Hmmm... I'm feeling the Groom PMR as a purse charm, but just not on black bags.
  4. The gucci britt IS brown (dark reddish brown). It's the lighting that's making it look black.
  5. I really like it as a charm....but I kinda feel like it's conflicting Logo overload KWIM? I know when I was in Hermes buying scarves for my mono LV I didn't buy any that screamed "Hermes" because of logo overload. Sorry...just one person's opinion. That said I love the groom!!!!!!!! And your bag is gorgeous too!
  6. I get what you are saying. I am not sure that the gucci britt is really the best candidate for this charm idea, but it's the only brown bag I have handy at the moment. I thought I'd just demo the idea with it.
  7. Love em both! But I wouldn't want to use the coin purse as a charm since its pretty big...

    Overall, VN! :biggrin:
  8. IMO I don't think it looks good on that bag. Sorry! The red screams on that bag. I really dislike red and orange together.
  9. I like the monnaie and I like the Gucci but not together :flowers:
  10. Agree with this - sorry.
  11. ^Agree.....
  12. Sorry, I agree...I like to mix, but shades are not quite right. But congrats!
  13. Thanks ladies. Guess it wasn't one of my best ideas. :yes: