<<>>Monogram groom Agenda<<>>..is it too late

  1. Do you guys know if the Monogram Groom Agenda is still avaailable. I know the Groom series have been out for a ehile now. But i have only fell in love with it recently.
    Hope for you alll to give me suggestions. Is this series worth buying? like would it be out of fashion quickly?
    i have seen other threads where awsome tPF people suggested phoning. I live in Vancouver Island. I've got 2 LV stores 15 minute walk from each other. Which should I phone..? Or other suggestions?:p
    by the way. Iam a guy going into University. Is this suitable?:rolleyes:I am going to dream about this agenda all night
  2. You can call 1866VUITTON and see if they can locate one in Canada for you. Just call both Vancouver stores.
  3. I *think* they're still available.

    Groom is definitely unisex, IMHO. :yes: I am thinking about purchasing at least one Groom item soon before they're all gone. :sweatdrop:

    OT: I LOOOOOVE your avatar!!! However, I don't remember giving you permission to post that pic of my husband! :p