Monogram Griet or Galliera GM

  1. I'm looking to get a new bag...just can't decide which one???? I like both the Monogram Griet and the Galliera. The Galliera is not gonna be launched till next month...but I need a new bag...bad!!! So can you guys help me decide, which one??:shrugs:

  2. galliera!!!
  3. I think the Galliera is cuter. :smile:
  4. I like the Galleria GM better. :tup:
  5. :tup: get galliera :woohoo:
  6. The Griet is heavy and clumsy looking to me. I am liking the look of the galleria, my SA thinks it will be one of the hit bags, as it has an adjustable shoulder strap and is the first real "hobo" type bag in mono for LV
  7. Definitely Galliera!
  8. Galleria..:tup:
  9. Let's see if you get more help in the main forum !

    And I would go for the Galliera
  10. Galliera without a doubt.
  11. Galleria...the Griet is better looking on the shelf that on the arm IMO.
  12. hmmm.. the answer is clear, ya? Wait till next month for Galleria's launch, then decide.
  13. galliera...just love the look of it. i saw the griet IRL on this lady's arm and it's just not that flattering.. no offenses here..
  14. My vote goes for Galliera GM as well ... just not too fond of the Griet.
  15. :roflmfao: ITA!! So my vote goes to Galleria as well!