Monogram Graceful for everyday?


May 8, 2020
Hi everyone

I discovered the monogram Graceful (MM, Pivoine lining) in the boutique and loved how it looked! However, I’m wondering if it’s looks a bit too big and “mature” for me? I’m 155 cm (5‘1), 26 years old with a baby face (thank you asian genes) and plan to use this as an everyday bag for university. I’m hoping it can fit my 13“ MacBook and a light sweater.

What other alternatives are there to this bag? Should I buy it brand new or pre-loved? Questions over questions...

Hoping the community can help!


LV and Let LV
Jun 18, 2010
Midwest (formerly Honolulu)
I think any shoulder bag would be great for everyday. I used to fit my 11" laptop in my Graceful MM before I sold the bag, unsure/can't remember if it would fit more.. I found the Neverfull's size and wide opening way easier and just never used the Graceful as a result.

If you haven't yet, check out the Graceful clubhouse. Lots of users post mod(el) shots of themselves and share heights, etc.