Monogram Glitter?

  1. de up...
    Hi, I´ve been hearing about there was a mono glitter collection. Is this real? or maybe those fakes which they made up...

    Sorry for the ignorance,...
    if it does exist, could u post some pics? tnx!

  2. Sorrie, i have not heard of that
  3. Yes, the Glitter line was from the spring collection last year (or year before). They were runway bags that were made in bucket-style totes (cabas blanc) and came in pink, yellow and white pastel shades. They were all over $2k from what I remember and limited in quantities.
  4. Well, everyone's basically covered the answer ! :biggrin:

    They're kind of cute, aren't they ? Pricey though !
  5. I love the Glitter line. My SA showed me a few styles in white but, I really wanted pink.
  6. That's so pretty! I bet there's none left in the stores anymore.
  7. it'd be great to have one of the pieces. but geez...over $2k? that's way over my budget.
  8. THat is a gorgeous bag and I WANT IT! Are they available on 866 vuitton? Is that bag really almost 4,000 or is that just another overpriced ebay??
  9. I heard somewhere only VIPs could buy them...
  10. wow, it reminds me of winter for some reason...
  11. FUNNY!! It reminded me of summer!!! lol
  12. Hmm. I'm not VIP but, I had the opportunity to buy one.
  13. These were from last year. I had a chance to buy a yellow one. I passed. I do think its a pretty bag though, the satin just scares me.
  14. I love the glitter shoes. I got a pair in pink.:love: