Monogram Glace....

  1. This has got to be one of my fave range from LV... monogram glace...:heart:

    have to admit tho, its a nightmare to maintain coz it scratches so easily....:s

    maybe that's why it was discontinued....


  2. love the Elvin! another member is hunting down for one. i've had my Glace pieces for a few years now, and i was never concerned about getting scratches. and none of them do. they only have micro wrinkles and that's about it :yes:

    how about joining the Mono Glace/Mono Mat Club? :graucho:
  3. WOW! This is so beautiful! Absolutely stunning yet much more subtle than the original monogram. I like! I'm looking for a french purse in this but it is so difficult to find!
  4. Stunner!
  5. omg, beautiful!
  6. Wow! That's is gorgeous!!
  7. That is so beautiful. I totally LOVE it!
  8. The glace is so SEXY!
  9. Wow, that's definitely hot !
  10. So pretty!
  11. wow. it kinda takes your breath away.
  12. Look at it:girlsigh: Love it.
  13. Love Mono Glace
  14. stunning!!
  15. OOOOoo....It's Beautiful...