Monogram Glacé Whist Wallet

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  1. I've just discovered it on (unfortunately it's already sold :crybaby:)

    Does anybody own it? If yes, how you do like it? To me it looks like the perfect wallet :love:
  2. It does look cute - just checked it out. Funky but really a lovely design. You could put your whole life story in it!

    BTW, I'm SUCH a big fan of the Monogram Glacé line! I have no idea why in the world they got rid of it. I've never had a more softer, more durable leather good than the Mono Glacé. :love:
  3. To be honest, I've never seen Monogram Glacé IRL :shame:

    But the design of the wallet totally got to me. For my taste, most wallets either don't have enough CC slots or a too small coin compartment or no real room for bills. I'm still trying to hunt down the perfect one for me.

    I really hope that one of these babies is going to pop up on eBay anytime soon :graucho:

    I've anyone sees one:

    SCREAM FOR ME :P (Pretty Please) :flowers:
  4. That is so cool, the Glace loos so yummy & supple. I hope you find one soon.
  5. Thanks. So do I.

    However, the only one I've seen so far ended on eBay in August (!). It was a brown one and it went for US$ 127. I sooo would have bought that!
  6. Damn girl! You've got alot of CC's ! I know with the Whist, you can basically put a million things inside. Definitely made for a charge-card Diva :smile:

    I only use credit cards ( I never use cash ) so that's why I stick to the simple Pocket Organizer in Mono Glacé.

    They have a Compact Wallet on their website too in the Mono G but I'm not sure if that'll be enough for you :smile:
  7. I saw it 2 years ago and it does looks like a clutch, it's big!
    I also love the glace line, so soft, discret.
    The whist wallet was also very expensive, I think it was around $850.
  8. Can someone post a pic of the wallet? I 've never seen it :shame:
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