Monogram Glacé Line

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  1. Could people please possibly tell me all they know about this line, release date, how long it was out for, bags and accesories made etc. Have only just started to become curious about it, and would like to know more!!
  2. umm... not sure... but I like this line a lot! lol... the leather feels almost "velvety"
  3. I think this Line was introduced in 2003 and the line was out till 2005. I have some pics in a Catalogue so I will post them later :flowers:
  4. It wasn't out in 2003. It was out in 2001. It was my first LV when it was released so I remember it rather fondly. ;)

    It was discontinued in 2005 or 2006. I can't remember.

    There were a number of bags avaliable, off the top of my head:

    Steve: Messenger bag, larger size for documents or a laptop with zipped closure.

    Bobby: Smaller version of the Steve for everyday use.

    Ricky: Travel bag with rolled leather handles and a strap.

    Fonzie: Messenger bag with a flap.
  5. Here are the pics of the line from the Le Catalogue:




  6. I would die for the Ricky bag!
  7. I'd do naughty things for the Steve and the 6CC wallet... :graucho:
  8. Thanks for all the info!! John, you might just start hating me sometime soon:graucho:
  9. The sac plat like elvin... :heart:
  10. Hating, eh?

    I don't suppose you're getting a Steve or 6CC wallet? :wtf::wtf::wtf: If so, I'll only hate you in a good way! :P
  11. This line came out for the fall winter 2003. it never came out in 2001. In 2001 came out the damier glace for the spring summer 2001 men's show. The monogram glace was introduced for the first time for the fall winter 2003. The monogram glace was featured in the 2003 ad campaign.

  12. Rhodri, I just found out which one's Steve lol, and YOU MUST GET IT! forget about the naviglio!!! lol
  13. Get your facts straight.

    The Fonzie and Elvin was introduced in 2003 and featured in the campaigns along with JLo.

    The Ricky, Steve and Bobby came out in 2000.

    "2000 - Damier Sauvage created & the Monogram Glace."

  14. I stand behind what I stated, the monogram glace line was introduced in 2003. the website you mentioned is not affiliated with lvmh, many of the informations on this website are not accurate.
  15. You can stand by what's false. It's not my fault you can't get your facts straight.

    I PERSONALLY purchased the zipped wallet with the coin pocket in 2001 in high school. Like I said, it was my first purchase and I am not going forget it. I was also gawking over at the Steve bag, which was $875 at the time, but I couldn't afford it!