monogram glace in dark brown?

  1. has anyone seen the fonzie or stevie in dark brown monogram glave too??

    I heard from a friend that it this true? thanks
  2. Do you mean still in the shops? As far as I know Mono Glacé only existed in Dark Brown, well in my 2003 catalogue, but I don't think they are still available in the boutique
  3. okay thanks anyway:smile:

    I called my lv shop today and my sa told me, that thre indeed was both the black and "coffee" colored messenger bags in glace:smile:

    happy happy:smile:
  4. I'm surprised they still carry Glacé items :nuts: congrats!

    edit: oh well wait do they still have them or are you happy because the colors exist ?! ö_Ö
  5. yea they came in black and cafe. it's a discontinued line. *tear. the men didn't adhere to it as well as they thought they would, so they introduced the Utah instead, which is selling strong.